Anna and Joanna
I'm honered to introduce my two new guestbloggers Anna and Joanna from I'm so glad they took time to take photos only shown on And Mary and to answer my questions! Anna and Joanna are two beautiful and so inspiring young women and I think they deserve some extra attention. Guestbloggers Anna & Joanna
Guestbloggers Anna & JoannaWho are you?  We are simply two girls - best friends. We are from Poland and we are 21 years old students. We live in two different localities and our blog is mainly about fashion an sometimes shown our considers.

How much time do you spend together? When we were creating our blog we were spending almost everyday together, but we went our separate ways. We started different universities and everything unfortunately changed. Now it's really hard to meet each other.
Guestbloggers Anna & Joanna
Guestbloggers Anna & JoannaWhat inspires you and how is it shown in Anna And Joanna? Anna: For me inspiation is everywhere, So it's really hard to specify it. Music, tumblr, other people, street - everthing gave me inpiration. In Anna and Joanna I made a stylization and precisely kind of photos and I think that this is it! That's how I shown my inspiration on our blog. 
Joanna: A lot of things inspire me. I love to watch people on the streets, in bus or in the coffee shop. That's amazing how some people be able to express yourself. When I have some free time I like to look through some other fashion blogs or website's like tumblr. I can find there great pictures and stylization. Internet is full of inspiration!   

How would you describe your styles? Anna: Two words - minimalism and oversize. Oh! Maybe sometimes eclecticism.  Joanna: Minimalist, simple but not ordinary. 

What is your favorite place to shop? Anna: I love shops like ZARA, Topshop, H&M etc. Definitely the most I love young fashion designers but unfortunately I don't have a lot of money to buy everything what I like and what I want. 

Joanna: Probably I'm not gonna be original. I don't have my lovely shops. Sometimes I made shopping in shopping centres in chains and sometimes in small anonymous boutiques. 
Guestbloggers Anna & Joanna
Guestbloggers Anna & JoannaDo you have any favorite trends this autumn? Anna: Of course black, pastels and flowers. Flowers in winter are original that's why I adore them a little bit. 
Joanna: I love sweathirts with prints, like sexy-sweaters. In my opinion this is a great investment especially in our snowy and coldy country. 

What fashion items are you addicted to? Anna: I am addicted to oversize sweaters and blouses. I have every color and cut. 

Joanna: Most women love shoes, but I'm obsessed with trousers. I have thousands of them in my closet but still not enough.  
Do you have a must have this season? Anna: For few months I am making clothes and I forgot about trends and I design something from my hearth so it's really hard to say what is must have for me. Maybe some oroginal material or something like that? I don't know. 
 Joanna: Look at answer number 6 

Best buys ever? Anna: Unfortunately I had never something like that. 
 Joanna: I don't attach much importance to the things. As you know, shopping can get people in to good mood (or bad mood, when they are unsuccessful). However, the objects are only objects over time can get boring. So, my best purchase is not thing, but my dog. I had to travel 2000 km to buy it, and I love so much. 

Word of advice? 
 Be yourself  

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